At Seneca Financial Advisors, we employ an open architecture platform that allows us to implement portfolios for each client using “best of breed” investment managers. We may use various investment custodians, separate account managers, mutual funds, and ETFs in the construction of client portfolios, with an emphasis on lower costs and tax efficiency.

While there are many studies about the efficacies of passive versus active investment management, we believe that both approaches, can be used at various times and for various asset classes. Our approach to advising you about your investments focuses on your specific needs—from your comfort level with risk and return, to tax efficiency, your time horizon, cash needs, and other circumstances relevant to your situation.

All of the managers and funds that we select are continuously monitored relative to their established benchmarks and our internal expectations. In addition, each portfolio is monitored in relation to its objectives. We provide comprehensive reporting on each client’s portfolio relative to his or her Investment Policy Statement, as well as investment performance calculations and comparisons to appropriate benchmarks and risk/return goals. At Seneca Financial Advisors, we help you to:

  • Identify an appropriate overall asset allocation based on your personal circumstances
  • Review existing investment accounts you make available to us, including those at other investment firms and through your employer
  • Provide a consolidated report that compares the recommended asset allocation with your present allocation
  • Monitor your portfolio in relation to its stated objectives
  • Continuously monitor the managers and funds we select on your behalf, by comparing their performance against appropriate benchmarks