For many corporate employees, especially those in senior-level positions, it can be difficult to interpret compensation and benefit plans relative with your personal and family circumstances. Seneca Financial Advisors will simplify the process by helping you understand your choices and how to gain the most from your employment situation. We will:

  • Identify an exercise strategy for your stock options that ties to your objectives, based on option expiration dates, a thorough analysis of the relevant tax law, and your cash and investment needs
  • Review company target shareholding requirements and develop strategies to meet them
  • Review your company‚Äôs compensation and retirement plans to incorporate them into your financial plan and increase the total potential benefit you receive
  • Optimize your benefits from any deferred compensation plan through careful planning and sensible election strategies
  • Review employment and severance agreements to understand these provisions within the context of your financial plan
  • Review the various insurance coverages provided by your employer and coordinates them with any personal insurance coverages you may have or need