We believe a full range of professional advice makes wealth management more efficient.

When you are a client of Seneca Financial Advisors, you can count on us to be available to answer your various financial questions, whenever you need them. Seneca assumes direct responsibility for executing your financial plan, and works with other professionals as required to execute all of the elements in your plan. We use an open architecture platform and construct our portfolios using seperate account managers, mutual funds and ETFs. In addition to Investment management, we specialize in offering comprehensive financial planning services which include income tax planning and compliance, retirement planning, estate and gift planning, employee benefit planning and risk management. Our goal is to not only make your financial plan simple to understand, but to also minimize the time and effort you personally spend working on your plan. And because Seneca is a fiduciary firm, you can also count on advice that’s independent, objective and based on your personal interests.

Seneca provides you with:

Independent Advice

We are here to advise you, not to sell you products. At Seneca Financial Advisors, 100% of our income comes from our clients, not sales commissions. As such, our goal is always to provide advice that is objective and in our clients’ best interest.

Consistent Contact

As a client, you will have a principal advisor providing you with a single point of contact. Your advisor will meet with you to identify your objectives, answer your questions, provide you with updates, and manage your overall plan.

The Right Advice

If your circumstances or service requirements fall outside the scope of services provided by Seneca, your advisor will recommend other financial professionals to fulfill your needs. In the past, we have recommended outside certified financial planners, chartered financial analysts, attorneys, insurance agents, and certified public accountants to manage various portions of work, depending on each client’s specific needs.

Direct Information

We provide our services to you against the backdrop of a continuous flow of information from our own sources and any other investment advisors, accountants, attorneys, or insurance agents you may employ.

Long-Term Commitment

Our clients’ needs may vary from year to year, but over the long term they tend to need a broad range of services to help them maintain a steady course in their financial affairs. We’re here to provide professional advice, whenever it’s needed.

For more on our process, please see our FAQ section.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

- Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), American scientist, publisher, and diplomat