• Take charge of your financial future....Seneca makes it easy.

    If you are looking for a financial advisory firm that is independent, experienced, and working with your best interests in mind, consider Seneca Financial Advisors. We offer you guidance from a range of certified and licensed professionals, independent research, real freedom in terms of choosing suitable investment options, and best of all, a plan designed to help you make the most of your financial future. Feel free to request a personal consultation and find out more about us.

  • Why should I choose Seneca Financial Advisors?

    We hold the belief that today it is more important than ever to have an advisor who is independent and well-informed — an advisor who works in your best interests. At Seneca, we base our advice on multiple sources of independent research and have the ability to choose from many options when determining suitable investments. We accept no commissions of any kind. This means that Seneca offers you an environment where decisions are based solely upon your unique needs and best interests. Best of all, we encompass all the pieces of your financial situation under one roof to make life more manageable for you and your family.

  • What does "independent and objective" mean?

    We are here to advise you — not to sell you products being pushed by a corporate owner. We are independently owned. The only payments we receive are from our clients. Our services are paid 100% by our clients and not based on commissions from products. Seneca does not receive any referral fees from investment managers, funds, or other professionals we recommend to our clients. Nor do we have exclusive agreements with certain investment managers. Our goal is always to provide advice that is objective and in your best interests.

  • How does Seneca as a Fiduciary benefit me?

    Again, unlike some companies or firms that offer “financial advice” but receive compensation by acting as an agent for the product manufacturer, Seneca puts the interests of clients first. This means we act as your agent and always seek the best results for you as our client.

  • Who is a typical Seneca client?

    We represent a wide variety of clients, including corporate executives, professionals, self-employed business owners, government/education officials, and pre- and post-retirees, in addition to working with succeeding generations within families.

  • Do I need to invest a minimum amount with Seneca?

    Our practice does not maintain strict minimums and is designed to offer maximum flexibility. Current relationships range from clients who have their entire investment portfolio with Seneca to those who maintain all of their accounts elsewhere. In either case, Seneca helps to manage each client’s entire financial picture by compiling highly personalized schedules and plans. If you are interested in how we can help you design a personalized plan based on your individual goals, we would be more than happy to meet with you, free of charge.

  • How much does it cost to be a Seneca client?

    Professional advice from the right company is a good investment. Seneca can offer hourly fees, fixed quarterly fees, or investment management fees based on a percentage of assets, depending on your needs and preferences. A majority of our clients find that a fixed quarterly fee works best for them. After meeting with you to determine the types of services you need, we can provide you with an accurate cost estimate for our professional relationship. When you add up what you’re currently paying for advice and services from a variety of sources, we believe you will find our comprehensive fee structure very reasonable and a solid value for you, your family, or your business.

  • Do I have to live near one of your offices to be a client?

    Absolutely not. Seneca has clients in many states. Our priority is to help you simplify your financial affairs, and we’ll meet with you in the location that is most convenient for you — whether it is one of our offices, your office or your home. We also use various technologies to ensure expedient communication in between our face-to-face meetings.

    “Reduce your plan to writing. The moment you complete this, you will have definitely given concrete form to the intangible desire.”

    —Napoleon Hill (1883-1970), American speaker and motivational writer